Privacy Statement

Privacy & Security  

At Trend Micro, we take privacy & security seriously and we want you to know how the information you supply will be used.

The information we collect from you on “What’s Your Story” helps us to determine your contest eligibility, identify you if you are selected as a contest finalist and to communicate with you about the contest. We won’t sell any data that you supply on this website.

If you are selected as a finalist or winner, we may ask you for your permission to use your video and name in other venues – we won’t do this without your permission though.

Registration – When you register for this site, we collect the following information to help log you in and identify you so that you can use this website:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email address: During the contest, there may be important information you need to know. Also, if you lose your password or submit a video, we may need to email you.
  • Country
  • Birth date: You need to be 13 or older to register for this site
  • Email Opt-In: You have a choice regarding what emails you receive; by opting-in to emails from “What’s Your Story” you will have access to important updates about the contest.

Contest Submissions – When you submit a video, we collect the following information to help determine eligibility and to help us get in touch with you about your entry:

  • Personal information: Information like your name, gender, address and other contact information lets us know if you are eligible to win a prize and how to get in touch with you if we need to.
  • Video details: Your video needs a title and a description for contest consideration.

For more information, Trend Micro’s online privacy policy can be found at https://www.trendmicro.com/en_us/about/legal/privacy-policy-web.html.